Fixing “PayPal account locked negative balance”

PayPal has acquired a global reputation as the best online payment application for quick and easy money movement. It offers users one very significant thing that works as a great perk in this fast-pacing world- minimization of the time consumed. The “PayPal account locked negative balance” issue has been encountered and reported by multiple users across the world. And this read is focused on helping you know the reasons behind the issue and its effective resolution, along with details on its live customer support and steps to reset the account password.

PayPal account locked

Why does “PayPal account locked negative balance” occur?

Tons of conditions, standard policies, and reasons can lead up to the “PayPal account locked negative balance” issue. Enlisted are the major focal points when attempting to resolve the problem with your PayPal business account:

1. The amount received by you exceeds your average monthly income.
2. A complaint has been filed against you or your business on PayPal.
3. Your account has a very low credit score.
4. Account log in was done from a different/unregistered location.
5. Your business doesn’t match the set standards by PayPal.
6. An unknown or unidentifiable source has sent you money.

Pre-requisites to fixing “PayPal account locked negative balance”

Listed here, in this section, are the documents that you’d need to carry on with the process of unlocking your account:

1. Registered email address
2. The registered name for the company
3. A bank account that you trust in

4. Bank card you are confident with
5. A good credit score or the reason for otherwise
6. Government-issued identity proof
7. Transaction details to prove the legitimacy
8. The proof of your location

Know the reasons and solutions to unlock PayPal account

You’ve already gone through the reasons that can lead you to encounter the “PayPal account locked negative balance” issue. However, you have to know that the major reason will always be circumstances or unidentified activities that do not match the PayPal security standards. You need to know that your account can go on to having a negative balance if the made transaction is, somehow, reversed, for reasons like a chargeback, or maybe a lost claim and your account does not have sufficient funds.

In such conditions, must reimburse the company with the reversed transaction’s amount (along with associated fees, if any). You must keep in mind that this should be done as soon as you can because if it is not settled within 120 days, the company will go ahead and lock it. And you will be unable to get into your PayPal account. Now, given below are the steps you’d have to go through to fix the “PayPal account locked negative balance” issue:

1. Get into the Wallet you use.
2. Move on to “Transfer Funds”.
3. Then, “Add funds to your balance”.
4. Keep up with on-screen prompts.

Note: You can choose to pay off the negative balance either by using your debit/credit card or by mailing a check (in USD) to PayPal’s official address. And to avoid further locking of your accounts, try and keep a consistent PayPal password reset schedule.

PayPal account locked for security reasons text message scam

Cybercrime has now been normalized with the growing use and reach of the internet and with the increase in hackers around the world. The “PayPal account locked negative balance” issue invited a lot of cyber crooks, which then gave birth to a well-renowned text phishing scam. Cyber crooks send in emails or text messages on your registered email address and phone numbers.

It had an attached link that urged users to fill in an online form with their PayPal account details. As users panicked and went ahead with filling up these forms, their data got exposed. As a result, their accounts were wiped off of funds by the cyber crooks. Later, PayPal issued warnings about the scam and helped millions of people from falling victim to it.

Getting help for “PayPal account locked negative balance”

If for some reason, you are unable to fix the “PayPal account locked negative balance” issue with the the above-mentioned procedure, there are ways to get help from the company’s official support team. You can connect with them via voice calls, emails, and even use the PayPal live chat feature for better assistance.


PayPal is one of the leading payment applications that have acquired global accomplishment and appreciation. Despite that users have reported having encountered the “PayPal account locked negative balance” issue.

Therefore, the read above exclusively focuses on familiarizing you with the major causes of this problem along with a procedure to overcome it. Additionally, you’ll learn about one of the phishing scams that were associated with this issue.

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