PayPalwiki- Extensive information on PayPal and its usage

PayPalwiki- Extensive information on PayPal
and its usage.

PayPal, a well-known online payment service provider is booming in aindividuals as well as businesses. Whether you are or not in a position to go to a bank, PayPal does the job for you. Using it, sending and receiving money has become a next-level experience for the users as it has ended traditional mode of payments that were made through deposit forms, withdrawal forms, checks, demands drafts, money orders, etc. Thus, if you also have been looking for PayPalwiki for a long, then you may refer to this document to gain additional knowledge about PayPal and its usage.

PayPal and how does PayPal work?

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Different types of PayPal accounts

There are basically two types of PayPal accounts which you are allowed to create on its platform. These two accounts are as follows:

  • Individual or personal PayPal account

If you do not own a business and you simply wish to use your PayPal account for purchasing goods and services over its platform or other online platforms, then you should opt for an individual account. This account can be used for sending payments to those who are already a part of PayPal. You can easily add money to PayPal account and start ordering preferred items online.

  • PayPal business account

As the name suggests, it is an account that can be used by small-scale business owners as well as entrepreneurs who are looking to accept payments for the sold goods and services. To open a business account, you need to provide some details on the PayPal account setup page such as your business-related documents.

PayPal sign up process explained

Now, that you are well versed with PayPalwiki and related information, you might want to know how to set up a PayPal account. For PayPal account setup, use these steps:

  1. First of all, go to
  2. Or, get the PayPal app on your smart device
  3. Click on the “Sign Up for Free” button
  4. Choose your account type- Individual/ Business
  5. After making your choice, please click “Next”
  6. Provide the requested details and create a password
  7. Link a bank account for banking with PayPal
  8. The rest of the steps will be based on your chosen account type

After creating an account on PayPal, you can carry out a PayPal login whenever you want. Carrying on with our discussion on PayPalwiki, let us now learn some more details about PayPal.

What is the PayPal Official Email Address?

Have you received an email from PayPal and now you are wondering if it is a legitimate email or not? Or, you wish to contact PayPal via email and you want to know the PayPal email address? Well, in both cases, you should note that you can contact PayPal only via four options which do not include emailing as an option. To contact PayPal, you can navigate to PayPal’s “Contact Us” page and choose among “Message us”, “Ask the community”, “Resolution Centre”, or “Call us.” And in the next case, PayPalwiki recommends you to avoid or ignore any message from PayPal if it seems spoofy or you have been asked to share your personal or financial details over it.

Is there a PayPal Phone Number?

If you wish to contact PayPal through their phone number, then you can easily do so. Just like you search for PayPalwiki on the web, in a similar way you need to search for the phone number. Just type “PayPal phone number” in the search bar of a browser and the result will display the official PayPal customer service number on your screen. You can dial that number from your mobile phone but make sure not to share any OTP or other financial or personal details about you.

What are PayPal Social Media Accounts?

If you are a PayPal Business user, then you can easily establish your business over social media platforms through it. Doing this is an easy process and can be completed in as little as 5 minutes. All you need to do is create and publish listings about your products. With the product listing, you can easily include a payment link that will redirect the users to your PayPal payment account. Or, you can easily share your PayPal address with them which is also known as PayPal email address that would allow buyers to send you money.

The Bottom Line

Are you still confused and wish to know more about PayPalwiki? You can easily use the PayPal live chat option to connect with an official PayPal representative and get your queries cleared. Whenever you contact PayPal via any means, you should not disclose any financial or personal banking details such as OTP, SSN, ITIN, etc.