How do I speak to a live person at PayPal?

PayPal is quite renowned for being the most convenient payment application for peer-to-peer money movement that slowly extended their service range to making bill payments, retail shopping, and a lot more. It is used and appreciated all over the world and has acquired a great spot internationally, among all the other software applications. However, nothing can be flawless for a very long time and thus, PayPal users have been reporting about their encountered technical issues. To this, PayPal came up with different resolving measures, one of which is the PayPal customer service phone number live person. This read will walk you through the entire resolution procedure with the detailed and required information.

What is contacting a live person?

When we talk about PayPal customer service phone number live person, it refers to getting in touch with a PayPal working professional. This is usually required when users face any problem/s that seems difficult to overcome. Users require going through a simple two-step procedure to contact a live person:

  1. According to PayPal, you can 1-888-221-1161 dial via your phone and hit the “#” key.
  2. Then you have to type in “2” and command “Speak to a PayPal representative”.

Various ways of PayPal get human feature

PayPal customer service phone number live person is not the only way of contacting them. There are three ways in total to let you get in touch with a representative to get help with solving your issues.

Resolution Centre by PayPal

Users may find it on their official site online, which is a section to help you report your issues and/or any unauthorized or unusual activity along with information on resolving limitations. Things that you can do are:

  • File a complaint on suspicious transactions and connect with the seller.
  • Easily get in touch with your buyers and find ways of resolution per transaction.
  • Be able to closely monitor or investigate problems that occur with your transactions.
  • Get useful suggestions on keeping the buying and selling transactions safe.

Asking the PayPal community

In addition to the resolution centre, another way to get connected to a PayPal customer service phone number live person is by asking the PayPal community. This is the newest approach, which is PayPal’s community for technical support with all merchants integrated into one place. This is the most user-friendly way of getting help with encountered issues as you can Ask the Community of PayPal for help (say, hints, tips, and suggestions), which means getting help from other PayPal users

Message Centre by PayPal

And finally, the Message Center is another way of getting in touch with a PayPal customer service phone number live person. It can be described as a safe mailbox that you can use for effective communication on resolving your issues with the PayPal officials. Whenever you get a reply from the PayPal representatives, you’ll be notified with an email at your registered email address. You can get easy and quick access to the message centre through both browsers and the mobile application.

Customer Service Variations

All the ways you can get in touch with their exclusive customer support are:

Live Chat

There are PayPal live chat services but there is a slight chance they might not be able to help you in getting out of your dilemma- how you can contact the PayPal customer service phone number live person.

Community Service

This, in simple terms, acts as a social media service where you can interact with other PayPal users, PayPal merchants and get the necessary tips and tricks to resolve issues.

PayPal Service Hours

You can expect to get in touch with a PayPal customer service phone number live person between 5 in the morning and 10 at night on weekdays and between 6 to 8 in the morning on weekends.

Social media handles

How to get human through PayPal Support?

There is several PayPal customer service phone number live person that you can opt from but they differ depending on their geographic location. A list of PayPal phone number live person is given in the table below:

  Country/Location Contact Details (calling number, day, time)
PayPal phone number USA and Canada 888-883-9770, Monday to Friday, 8 AM- 8 PM
PayPal United Kingdom 08707301881, Monday to Sunday, 8 AM- 6:30 PM
PayPal Australia 1800054378, Monday to Friday, 8 AM- 8 PM


PayPal is the best and the most renowned payment application that serves users globally. But, there are times that users have complained about facing issues. Thus, PayPal offers various ways to help the users and PayPal customer service phone number live person is one of them. This read is everything you need to know about that exact service by PayPal.